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Internet Safety for Children Posted on 5 Jun 2018

‘Starting the Conversation’

 Will you know who your child is talking to, or gaming with online this summer??

Whatever the age of your children, it’s important to keep them safe when browsing websites, using social networking services, gaming and chatting with friends online.

Don't get alarmed by the Internet - Just keep up to date with current advice

Handy hints for safe internet use:

  • Ask your children to tell you about the sites they like to visit and ask why.
  • Check what is the age limits for the websites or apps they are using.
  • Ask them about how they stay safe online. What tips do they have for you?
  • Have you talked to your child about what is OK and not OK to share online?
  • Ask them if they know where to go for help if they are unhappy about what they are seeing or experiencing online.
  • Think about how you use the internet. What more can your family do to stay safe and have fun when using the internet together?

 Did you know?

All the apps at the top of this page are for children aged 13+

If you are concerned about a child or need more information, please speak to a member of staff. More information can be found on the following websites: 

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